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If you have been a victim of crime in which you are intending to take the offender to court for damages, then it is important to hire private detective services to ensure it is worth the time and money you will need to invest to do this.

Over the years Private Investigator Bristol have been approached by both businesses and members of the public to carry out asset traces for many different reasons. The most popular motives have been to find out the assets of debtors and offenders by the injured party or to look into one's own assets when making a will.

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The management of a larger electric and gas company (Company A) ,which was merging with a smaller electric and gas company (Company B), sought out the services of the Private Investigator Bristol. The merger was on a fast track to approval, but the accountants at Company A were concerned that perhaps Company B was not bringing enough to the table and was exaggerating its assets. While Company B's list of assets appeared complete, there was no independent confirmation of the information they provided. Company A hired our private investigators to examine the holdings that their potential new partners claimed. In the spirit of transparency, Company A informed Company B that they were taking this precaution and asked them to cooperate with our investigators. However, with a merger on the line, the best evidence of a company's assets would be records that corroborated the company's reports independently from outside the company.

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Referring to Company B's asset report, our private investigators began a literature and public record search to find matches and mismatches. Our forensic accountants matched deeds, annual reports, and tax statements to the list of properties and profits. An analysis showed that, with the assets they had, their profits were on target to exceed their debts and expenditures by a reasonable amount. Matching stocks and other investments was more challenging since they were always fluctuating and the buying and selling of them is not always public knowledge. Company B was able to provide a paper and an electronic trail of the stocks and bonds that they owned. However, our detectives were convinced that Company B had provided accurate investment information as they knew it at the time the report was written. Our team members carefully reviewed bank statements, and there were no discrepancies between the figures Company B reported and the balance and transaction reports that the bank supplied. We interviewed the accounting staff at Company B to determine whether their methods followed the current best practices and legal guidelines. Doing so would make their report as close to accurate as possible. The accounting staff willingly cooperated and showed that Company B did not encourage 'creative bookkeeping'. Their bookkeeping was flawless and carefully completed. Overall, it was a matter of our private investigators digging deeply and matching as many provided details with as many objective details as possible. After a long and thorough investigation our private detectives confidently supported Company B's asset report.

With the help of our private investigator's evaluation of Company B's asset report, the two companies merged smoothly. Company AB started as a model of dynamic growth and responsibility. Management seminars were created around the principles that made the merger so seamless. However, a year later, the management of former Company A manipulated a procedure to put all of its leaders in key positions which in turn forced the leaders of the former Company B out of power. In effect Company A absorbed Company B. The moral of the story is that perhaps character is capture in nuances and action and not on paper.

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