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In some relationships it can be hard to accept the truth, it could be that your spouse has accused you of adultery and you are innocent or it could be that you believe your partner has been unfaithful to you on a stag or hen weekend. Whatever the situation a lie detector test carried out by Private Investigator Bristol can help you.

It can be a difficult time if there is mistrust in a relationship and a lie detector or polygraph test can help you get to the truth and hopefully return the trust. Many people who hire a private investigator in Bristol for polygraph services use our Bristol detectives as all our examiners are highly qualified and certified by the American and European Polygraph Association.

A lie detector test can be used for a range of different reasons, from finding out if someone is being unfaithful, employee screening, theft investigations and any situation where you need to know if someone is telling the truth.

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Bristol Lie Detector Test

The man nervously explained that he was not the jealous type when he explained his problem to a consultant at the office of the Private Investigator Bristol. His wife, who he had married five years before, was with him, and they both said they were happy in the marriage. However, one night while the husband drank with some friends at a pub, someone mentioned that our client's wife had an affair before they were married with a man our client considered to be a good friend. While he knew that his wife was neither a saint nor a virgin when they married, he was upset that he didn't know about this affair. They had socialised as a couple with the man many times during their five years together. The fact that a previous coupling with this man hadn't come up in any conversation made our client suspicious. He worried that they were hiding something more than history from him. He told our private investigator that he thought their silence might mean they still felt something for each other. When he asked the woman about what he had heard at the pub, she strongly denied it. She knew people had circulated rumours about her and the friend, but she didn't think anyone honestly believed it. She and the man had only been good friends. In fact, he introduced her to her husband. She hadn't mentioned that they were the subject of rumours because it didn't seem relevant or even interesting. When she saw how upset her husband was, she offered to take a lie detector test if it would make him feel any better.

Lie Detector Test in Bristol

After our private investigator connected the wife to the polygraph machine, he explained what she should expect from the test. He fixed a baseline with some control questions and then started interviewing her in earnest. He asked her every 'yes' or 'no' questions he could think of that would lead to discovery of an affair with the man. Did they ever date? Did she love him? Did she ever have sexual intercourse with him even casually? Did she ever wish she was with the friend rather than her husband? The only question that showed any relevance was when our examiner asked if she ever thought about dating him. She answered 'yes' and the lie detector showed she was telling the truth. When asked about this answer after the test, she explained that she was in a 'dating mode' before she met her husband. She often wondered why their friend didn't show any interest in her. Despite that piece of information, it was clear the wife had never had an affair with him.

In a follow-up interview with the couple, they had a little irony to share with our private detective. Coincidentally, the friend revealed to them that he was a gay man who was coming out of the closet for the first time about three weeks after the lie detector test. This confirmed the wife's response when taking the test and explained why the friend showed no interest in her. It also provided the couple with an amusing story. The couple credits our private investigators for helping to smooth a potentially rocky spot in their marriage.

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