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If you are worried about the security of an aging lock up you own that is full of valuable belongings or you have an empty rental property or even a holiday caravan or cottage that is located far from your home, it is cost effective and efficient to hire private investigator services to help you find the right solution to your security issues.

With over 25 years experience Private Investigator Bristol have given professional assistance to many of their clients with security problems. One service offered by our Bristol private investigators is listening device services. This tiny device can be fitted into your lockup, garage, caravan or holiday cottage so you can listen in to the device or record onto a memory card to listen to at a later date.

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They felt a little silly contacting the Private Investigator Bristol about a mysterious woman visiting their six-year-old daughter in the middle of the night, but it truly concerned the parents. They told our private detectives that they heard their daughter talking during many nights. Whenever they asked her about it, the girl consistently spoke of a beautiful lady that came and sat with her while she was in bed. While they were certain there was no lady visitor, still it worried them. They had heard all the news stories about kidnappings and horrible things happening to children. Could someone be getting into their house? The parents weren't particularly superstitious, but they had also heard a few ghost stories in their day. A couple of times one of the parents would sit in the room with the daughter all night, but the lady didn't show and there was no talking. It did feel a little foolhardy coming to discuss such matters with our private detective, but their daughter was the most important thing in their lives. They didn't want to take any chances with her well-being. Our private investigator empathised with them. He told them he would help them find out what was happening in the little girl's bedroom at night. They would get their answer and be on their way to finding peace of mind. Our private detective hid a wireless listening device in the girl's bedroom. The sensitive instrument would pick up any sounds in the room. It would then sent the sound to a digital server and stored it there. Any sanctioned person wanting to study a conversation could do so at their convenience. All they needed was the right gadget with an Internet connection.

Listening Devices in Bristol

The parents waited in nervous expectation as our investigator played the recorded conversation for them. They heard two voices. They recognised both and then they realised what was happening. The first voice was obviously the voice of the daughter. The mother recognised the second as the voice of the princess on one of her daughters favourite television shows. Or at least it was a pretty good imitation of the princess when one considered the mimic was a six-year-old child. The conversation between the girl and 'princess' covered many of the events of her day and the concerns that a child might have. One did not need a child psychologist to understand the part of the conversation that was most telling. The 'princess' told the girl, 'You're a big girl now. You can't expect your mummy and dad to stay in here with you all night even if you are frightened. But I'll be here for you any time you need me.' The bright girl was using her imagination to comfort herself during the night when she was afraid.

After they discovered who the 'beautiful lady' was, the parents asked our private investigator if they could leave the device in the room for a while. They realised they would have to remove it when she got much older. However, for now, they wanted to hear their innocent young daughter's candid thoughts. Both parents are certain now the girl will either grow up to be an actress, an author or a psychotherapist. They have recommended Private Investigator Bristol to other parents who have more worry than information about their children.

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