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Matrimonial Investigations Bristol

There are many different problems that can occur during a marriage or long term relationship, most of which are normally sorted out by the couple themselves. However there are times when it may have gone too far or like infidelity, is not something the couple can resolve alone.

Private Investigator Bristol are a professional matrimonial investigation specialist who can help with all matrimonial problems. We are able to carry out surveillance on your spouse or partner if you suspect them of cheating or we can provide lie detector examinations that are performed by our certified examiners. These and many more of our matrimonial services are available to help you find out the truth.

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Bristol Matrimonial Investigations

The man claimed he still loved his wife when he called the office of the Private Investigator Bristol. But things had been getting worse in their marriage over the last few years. He told the private investigator the few conversations they had with each other usually involved shouting. He said this all began after they attended a reunion of his wife's classmates from high school. There she ran into an old flame, and the husband feared that they were seeing each other now. She often left the home for hours at a time with no explanation. Sometimes she wouldn't come home from work until late in the evening. When she was home, she often fell asleep on the sofa while the TV blared instead of going to bed with her husband. And yet, when he confronted her, she denied that she was seeing anybody. She complained that she was bored, and that she needed to get out of the house. However, she wouldn't say where she went when she did. His wife never missed coming home at night, but she gradually returned later and later. Our client reasoned that she was having an affair with the old boyfriend or someone else. Or, even worse for him to think about, she simply couldn't stand to be with her husband anymore. He provided our private detective with the wife's work address and a photograph of the woman with her school boyfriend that our client had taken with his cell phone at the reunion. He wanted to find out where she was going when she wasn't at home or work.

Matrimonial Investigations in Bristol

Our private investigator watched as she left her job at a dress shop. She hailed a taxi which took her just a short distance away. There she was picked up by a man in a car. They stopped at a restaurant and our private detective could clearly identify the car driver as the old boyfriend. He photographed them having cocktails and dinner. After dinner he followed them to a flat which he identified later as the old boyfriend's. The two spent the rest of the evening inside. She left at 11:20 pm and returned home. The next night the pattern was almost the same, except dinner took less time, and, after they arrived at the flat, they left about a half an hour later. The woman had changed out of her work clothing into clothes more suited for an evening out. They went to a dance club and stayed there until about 12:30 pm. She changed her clothes at the man's flat and returned home to her husband. Our private investigator photographed every part of the wife's evening.

When our private detective offered the report and the photographs to the husband, the man was distraught. He had hoped that she was just out 'finding herself' and that she wasn't doing the finding with her old flame. Now he had this information and he had to decide what he was going to do with it. Sadly for the man, he reported they started divorce procedures just a few weeks after he received the report. Despite his deep disappointment, the man said it was an improvement over the limbo he had been in before our private investigators confirmed his suspicions.

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