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Phone forensic services offered by Private Investigator Bristol can help you if you are in need of a repair, investigation or you have forgotten your pin. In this day and age our mobile phones are like a second skin for us and if anything goes wrong with them it can be a disaster.

Whatever your situation, business or private phone use, our skilled and dedicated private investigators in Bristol will be able to assist you with your mobile problem. We have had huge success retrieving lost information, pin codes and possible repairs for dropped or liquid damaged handsets. Giving our clients the peace of mind that they can still run their lives effectively.

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Bristol Phone Forensics

A long-time business client of the Private Investigator Bristol brought his cell phone to us. He had locked himself out of his emails on the phone. For some reason, every time he entered his password, he received an error message. After so many times doing this, he received a notice that he had been locked out. Seemingly, the email program that he used proved to be so secure that even he couldn't get into once it locked. This was the primary instrument that he used to communicate with his clients. Every minute that he could not receive or send email to his customers, he was losing money. He had tried for hours to get help online and from the cell phone company. The cell phone company's usual fixes over the phone didn't work. They suggested dropping the phone off at one their stores, but told the man he would have to leave it for at least 24 hours and maybe more. This was unacceptable as it would seriously reduce his productivity. He had relied on our private investigators for background checks and debtor tracing in the past and saw this as something for which our forensic department might have a solution. Since he was a trusted client, our private detectives were confident that he was just trying to access information that he owned. Our client's biggest concern was that he might lose data on the phone should the attempt to restore his email go badly. Our technician assured him that he would do his best to make sure that didn't happen. We told the man that he could pick up his phone in an hour, but the anxious businessman chose to wait for it. We gave him a cup of coffee and invited him to relax while our technician went to work.

Phone Forensics in Bristol

Our Bristol Private Detective tested the phone with forensic software. Within a few minutes, he discovered why the email had locked. Finding the solution to fixing the problem took a few minutes more. Using backdoors into the cell phone, our technician easily corrected the problem. He reset the email app so our client simply had to set a new password, and then he would be up and running again. In the process, our technician did not change or delete any of the data on his phone except the password for the email. It appeared the problem had been a purely technical glitch rather than anything that our client had done. Our client was thrilled that we could fix his phone and get him back to make a living so quickly.

People do not use phones simply to make calls in these modern times. We have become so reliant on them that any problem with them becomes the priority on our schedule. This client has told many people about the quick work done by our forensic technician. He has spoken highly of the individual attention that he received. He felt the technicians at the Private Investigator Bristol understood the impact that his phone failure had on his life and responded accordingly. He has sent many of his business connections to us when they have had their own problems with their phone's security.

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