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Private Investigator Bristol offer tracing debtor services that can help find people who owe you money and have, for some reason disappeared or flatly refused to repay you the money that they owe. There are many situations that require our tracing debtor services and our hugely skilled and resourceful private investigators have had much success doing this for their clients.

When someone owes you money it can be a frustrating business trying to get it back if they do not wish to give it to you. Our private investigators can carry out background checks into the debtors to find an address to enable their client to serve court documents to them in order to retrieve the owed money.

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Bristol Tracing Debtors

A pub owner came to the Private Investigator Bristol to have debtor trace done on a young woman who had worked for him. Over time, she had built up a large tab eating and drinking at work. The owner had let it slide as she failed to pay the bill week after week. However, it finally grew so large that he could no longer ignore it. He told her on the next payday she needed to square her tab with him. That day came and she received her pay packet. However, instead of using the wage to pay off her debt, she climbed out the bathroom window and fled into the night. While the woman was gregarious on-the-job, she shared little about herself or her background. The owner went to the flat she listed as her address on her job application, but when he got there, she had moved out and disappeared. The landlady said she didn't pay the last month's rent much less give notice or leave a sending address. The pub owner decided to hire our private detectives to find her so he could try to recover the money she owed him. He had little information about the woman apart from the standard information on a job application and picture of her take at a pub party

Tracing Debtors in Bristol

Our private detective first tried the telephone number of the friend the woman had listed under the person to called in case of an emergency on her job application. The number belonged to another young woman who sounded surprised that she had used her number citing that they were not really that close. She described the woman we were looking for as 'an acquaintance' and claimed not to have talked to her in months. However, when our private investigator visited her to see if she might have been harbouring her friend secretly, she became exasperated by yet another visit about this woman. Obviously, she had left this friend's number as a contact on several forms she had filled out. She had grown tired of covering for her and that the missing woman had stopped by after she left pub for the final time. All she knew was the woman was going to stay with mother for a while. She had no information about where the mother lived apart from the town. A public records check soon pulled up information that led our private detective to the address of the mother. However, there was no proof the woman had gone there, and nobody answered the telephone number associated with the address. The private investigator took a short drive to the nearby town and waited until he saw the woman he was looking for leaving the house. Next time he travelled to that house, he had legal papers to serve her for the debt owed.

Our investigator brought the address to the pub owner who turned it over to his solicitor to handle. When asked why so much trouble over a bar tab, even one that large, the owner stated that his reputation was at stake. If she could get away with it, how could he ever trust another employee not to try as well? The pub owner eventually recovered the money owed him for the large food and drink bill. He has since taken advantage of the services of the Private Investigator Bristol for background checks and other problems with debtors.

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