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Private Investigator Bristol offer bespoke corporate investigations to business clients. These services are carried out by our highly skilled and professional private investigators and can be made to fit exactly the needs of your situation. A case manager will be assigned to your case and will available to assist you throughout your investigation.

There are many services within our corporate investigation service, such as checking into a new company that you are interested in purchasing including all high end staff, new employee CV investigations, employee monitoring and background checks into other companies you are conducting a large amount of business with.

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Explaining how helpful the Internet was to their business, the manager of an auto insurance claim centre described to our private investigator how it was also both a blessing and curse. His employees processed customer claims after a mishap or theft. The company expected the employees to process a minimum number of claims during a shift. The minimum, however, was not the final goal. The manager expected the processors to exceed that by as much as possible. Too many of his processors seemed satisfied to hit the low mark and stay just above that despite instructions and incentives to do better. Clearly, many found getting past the quota to be a signal to start surfing the web. Occasionally supervisors found employees reading email or shopping online. However, the manager felt that this was only a small sampling of what must be actually happening in the office. A friend of his referred him to the Private Investigator Bristol. We had installed a software program on his friend's office network that brought unauthorized Internet use down measurably. Our new client wanted something he could check in real-time and that would also log the activity. He could not always hover in the office, and he wanted to make sure that his absence didn't signal free Internet use.

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After our private detectives installed the software, the manager made a general announcement to the employees about the new monitoring program. He also announced that despite the management's past liberal attitude toward personal use of the Internet, it had adopted a new policy forbidding such use. Since the computers were to be used only for business, the employee had no privacy rights according to this policy. One of our private investigators agreed to work on-site for a few days until the manager became comfortable handling the program. About midafternoon, the software signalled a slight but significant jump in the company's bandwidth. Clearly, the warning about being monitored went unheeded by some at first. While many employees stayed with the tasks for which the company hired them, many broke away to enjoy the offerings of the Internet. Our detective showed the manager how to look in on an online poker game going on at one desk and the streaming video at another. Online magazines were obviously popular that time of the day. A long-time employee started planning an anniversary party for someone named Jennifer and Mark just after 3:30 pm. With the help of our private investigator, the manager took 'snapshots' of the different computer screens using the program. He later had meetings with each of the offending employees and provided visual evidence of his complaint against them. He offered them a first and only warning about their misuse of the company computer.

Our private investigator had a follow-up consultation with the manager a month later. The manager reported finding fewer incidents of employees using the Internet for personal reasons. When he did find someone ignoring the company rule, he dealt earnestly with that employee. As expected, the new software positively affected the number of claims processed in a day. An unexpected bonus was the employees had fewer claims to reprocess due to errors. Seemingly, restricting the use of the Internet removed a source of distractions that led to mistakes. The manager expressed gratitude for the professionalism of the Private Investigator Bristol. He found value in our work and eventually hired us to help him with a personal matter.

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