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GPS Vehicle tracking services carried out by Private Investigator Bristol can give you much needed information regarding the movements and times of movements of the vehicle the GPS receiver is attached to. This type of information can be invaluable for both business and private customers alike to monitor driving speeds and techniques and the economy of the vehicle.

Private Investigator Bristol have an excellent track record with supplying their business clients with the results they have needed when monitoring their fleet vehicles and company cars. Our services have also helped private clients keep an eye on their vehicle while away on holiday or working out of the country.

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Bristol Vehicle Tracking

The manager in charge of a fleet of company cars for a large business sought the expertise of the Private Investigator Bristol. The employees who used company cars kept logs of their mileage and notes describing their destinations. However, the manager found extra-mileage on the cars when he audited them against the logs. The manager wanted to find a reasonable way to track these cars. According to the company rules, the employees were to use the cars for business only and the mileage suggested something else was happening. He explained to our private investigator that the company allowed the employees to take the cars home. It was often more efficient for them to call on client directly from home rather than to come to the office to get a car first. Using the cars for their commute was considered a perk. Also, for insurance purposes and fuel consumption, they wanted to make sure the employees drove them at a safe and reasonable speed. The manager asked our private investigators for the best ways to track his company cars and log how they were being used. Our technicians walked him through the various choices for GPS transmitters our technicians could place on the company's cars. The device he chose provided a log of when and where the employees were using the cars. It also compared the speed the GPS was moving to the posted speed limit. If the car exceeded the speed limit over a certain margin, the transmitter would send a signal to the company's computer.

Vehicle Tracking in Bristol

After our private investigators installed the GPS transmitter on all the cars, they quickly proved their usefulness. It quickly became obvious that many employees were taking advantage of the company by misusing the cars. The most prominent problem was the use of the cars for errands and trips on the weekend. During time when the cars should have been idle, the employees were racking up miles. The GPS log showed that almost half the cars were out on the road during the weekends. Almost everybody took the cars out for an occasional evening. Some drivers exceeded the speed limit far above the reasonable margin. At other times, they would be sitting still outside a gentleman's club or a pub when they should either have been at a client's site or be returning to the office. This prompted the manager to give a seminar restating all the rules for using company cars. He pointed out concrete examples of employees ignoring company standards that he could pull from the GPS logs. He announced that the new GPS tracking devices allowed the company to better enforce the rules and warned the employees that they needed take these rules more seriously.

Our private detective followed up with the manager after the devices had been in service for a few months. The measurable change in how employees used the cars made the fleet manager happy. The mileage was down on the cars themselves, and the employees on the road were using their time in a more valuable way. Their insurance company had even given them a safe drivers' discount based on their new capacity to oversee the driving speed of its employees. The company has since come to Private Investigator Bristol to learn more about other ways to monitor their employees' work.

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