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It can be a nightmare looking for a nanny to look after your children but it can also be as difficult for a nanny who is looking to work with a family. If it is your first time away from home and you are in a new town or city making sure the family you go to is the right one for you is hard to do especially if you are not going through an agency. At Private Investigator Bristol we can help you look into the family you are thinking of working with.

Our exceedingly good private investigators we can carry out checks into the family to make sure they have been a good family to work within the past and that they are upstanding pillars of the community. Private Investigator Bristol can offer nanny monitoring services to both the nanny and the employer to check out the background of the nanny or the family.

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Bristol Nanny Monitoring

A mother who worked as a solicitor brought concerns about their latest nanny to our private investigators in Bristol. The nanny did her job well and children liked her very much. She motivated them to behave well, and the childcare in the house ran smoothly when she was around. Unfortunately, some of the family's possessions also disappeared when she was around. And that brought the mother to the Private Investigator Bristol offices. It seemed that whenever our client left the nanny alone in the house, objects vanished. The only reasonable conclusion the mother could draw was that the nanny was a thief. The last of her possessions that she noticed missing was a bottle of expensive perfume. She thought she caught a faint hint of the fragrance on the nanny the next time she came into the house. However, she didn't want to accuse a competent nanny falsely and then lose her. She asked our private investigators if we could prove or disprove that the nanny was a common thief. Our private detectives suggested that we fit her house with hidden CCTV cameras to monitor the nanny and to discover if she stole anything from the household.

Nanny Monitoring in Bristol

The next day that the nanny did not have to work, our technicians placed cameras throughout the house. There was thorough coverage of the interior of the home. On the next day that both parents had gone to work and the children were in school, the cameras began to record all the nanny's movements. Our client expected the nanny to do light chores when the children were not at home, and the camera recorded her doing her job. However, they also recorded her taking a vintage fountain pen off the father's desk. The next day, they captured a video of her putting a can of vegetables into her bag. And on the following day, she lifted an old and rare book from the family library. Later that same day, she stole a cheap toy one of the children had won at a fair. The video showed a strange juxtaposition between a woman who was being professional and efficient on her job, but who also had a compulsion to steal. Watching the video, it was clear the woman could not help but take things when she was alone. She clearly had no need for some of the items nor did many of items have any resale value. Our client couldn't decide whether to be angry or sad about the evidence that our private investigator presented to her.

Armed with the video evidence captured by our private detectives, the woman confronted the nanny. She told her that she would not press charges if she returned the items and promised to get some help for her compulsion to steal. Our client also told her that she could no longer allow the nanny to work with her children, and she dismissed her. The nanny eagerly agreed to return the items and seek help rather than face the police. However, that was the last our client saw of her. The nanny disappeared altogether, and our client decided that it wasn't worth chasing her. The mother made it a point, however, to call the Private Investigator Bristol to do background check when she hired the next nanny.

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