Private Investigator Bristol Speaks Out About the Need for Better Personnel Monitoring In Corporations

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After reading the article "Can digital technology help stamp out CV fraud?" ( by Mark Ward, published in BBC News on 27 February 2015, the detective team at Private Investigator Bristol share important tips to monitor employees and prevent fraud.

According to the article published in BBC News on 27 February 2015:, there has been an alarming increase in the number of CV scams in the UK. It can be highly difficult, not to mention time consuming, for employers to verify all claims made on applicants' CVs. As a result, CV fraud goes more or less undetected in most cases. In this troubling situation, technology can be of immense help in avoiding employee scams. Many universities today have installed the Higher Education Degree Datacheck system that records the university employees attended and the scores achieved. The system also roots out phony educational institutions. However, Pearson has come up with a new system "Acclaim" that awards digital badges to enrolees once thy complete a specific program or course. Clarke Porter, the head of the Acclaim project, says, "We want to bring about a transformation where proper credentials are digitised and can be shared on the internet." A digital badge is similar to a paper certificate, but also includes a link back to the educational institute that will confirm the person really took that course.

In response to the article published in BBC News, the detectives at Private Investigator Bristol ( share their concern about the increasing number of employee frauds in the country. The investigative firm can help in numerous ways. The detectives at York are a very strong team of qualified and skilled professionals that can help corporate clients monitor new employees to make sure they are reliable and trustworthy. According to the private investigators, the Acclaim scheme is an important step in controlling CV scams; however, much work still remains to be done to control the rampant dishonesty that prevails in the employment sector. Private Investigator Bristol is a recognised and acclaimed detective agency that has successfully cracked numerous cases related to employee monitoring and employee fraud and delivered reliable solutions to clients. With the help of latest technology like hidden cameras and discreet yet expert surveillance, investigators at Bristol help companies root out untrustworthy and deceitful employees so as to minimise losses and damage to the corporation. Clients in need can easily contact Private Investigators Bristol and set up a meeting whenever convenient.

Paul Babcock, Chief Investigator at Private Investigator Bristol remains vocal about the need to contact private investigation services for help with employee monitoring. "Employee fraud remains a big reason for corporate losses. Dishonest personnel can be a big liability and, because many companies receive so many applications, it can be difficult to verify all the claims they make. While schemes like Acclaim may help, there is a need to hire a reliable private detective agency to effectively root out the possibility of employee scam. Private Investigator Bristol is always available to help you deal with employment cases", Detective Babcock was quoted as saying. The investigator can be reached via email ( or the company telephone number (0117 339 0302).

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